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TY Legacy Programme – Her Sport

Her Sport
 is a digital media platform giving young girls and women a voice in sport. We aim to empower women in sport at all levels by increasing visibility and highlighting the disparity in sport. We are committed to levelling the playing field for girls and women in sport, by increasing opportunity, support and coverage.

The Programme

With plans and programmes turned upside down, Her Sport wants to give Transition Year students the opportunity to get involved in making a difference, to become part of a legacy and to make real change for women in sport.

Her Sport have designed an exciting national Transition Year initiative for Transition Year students to participate in a campaign to get real commitment and create change for women in sport, as well as developing valuable life skills. The programme gives students the opportunity to get involved in the following:

Journalism & Video:

While females are currently under-represented in sports journalism, there are growing opportunities for more women to be involved. Get creative and develop your journalistic and/or videography skills by showcasing a female sports star or displaying what sport means to you. The top submissions will feature on the Her Sport platforms! Find out more and how you can enter in the information pack below!

Health & Nutrition for Sport

Advance your understanding of the importance of diet and nutrition by creating a meal plan for an athlete of your choice. Cook one of these meals and have it featured on Her Sport! Find out more and how you can enter in the information pack below!

The Commitment Challenge

Become part of the legacy, as we create real commitment across Ireland. Each ‘commitment’ you secure is step forward for women’s sport as we increase the visibility and create a cultural shift. Find out more and how you can enter in the information pack below!

By Joining The Legacy:

– We increase the visibility of women in sport
– We provide young girls and boys with role models they can aspire to be like.
– We create a cultural shift in the perception of girls and women in sport.
– We tackle issues which attribute to the drop in participation of girls and women in sport.
– We create parity in the coverage of men and women in sport.
– We empower women in sport.

This programme is open to Transition Year Groups or individuals in Transition Year.


Start: 29th March 2021
End: 19th May 2021


The Transition Year Legacy Programme Information Pack

The TY Commitment Challenge Form



Twice as many girls drop out of sport by the age 14 as boys.


Just 6% of media coverage is given to women in sport.

3 IN 5

60% of Irish people want more visibility of women in sport.



There will be prizes awarded for the Commitment Challenge to the…

National Teams Champion

Individual Champions (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

Random Spot Prizes


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