Free Webinar about Water Safety with the RNLI on TY Hub February 20th

🚨 Attention all teachers and students! 🚨

🌊 Dive into the world of water safety with TY Hub’s FREE and fabulously interactive webinar in collaboration with the RNLI! 🌊

📅 Mark your calendars for February 20th, because from 10 AM to 12 PM, we’re turning your screens into a virtual water wonderland! 💦

💻 Ready to splash into knowledge? Register NOW at 💦

🤿 What’s on the agenda, you ask? Prepare to be amazed by an ocean of topics:

1️⃣ Understanding weather and tide – because predicting waves is cooler than predicting your grades!

2️⃣ Wearing a life jacket – the ultimate fashion statement for sea enthusiasts!

3️⃣ Swim hat and tow floats – where fashion meets flotation!

4️⃣ Calling for help – the art of yelling “SOS” with style!

5️⃣ Acclimatization – because getting used to cold water is half the battle!

6️⃣ Float to live – proving that floating is not just for lazy river days!

7️⃣ Cold water shock – uncovering the icy secrets of the deep blue!

8️⃣ Rip currents and tides – ride the waves like a pro surfer (minus the board)!

9️⃣ Google map workshop on ring buoys – because every hero needs a map, even if it’s on Google!

🏊‍♂️ Get ready to make a splash with practical tips and life-saving know-how! This is your chance to become a water wizard and conquer the sea with confidence.

💦 Don’t be a landlubber! Grab your virtual snorkel and join us on February 20th for a tidal wave of fun and learning. Register now at before the seats fill up like a beach on a sunny day! 🏖️

See you there, water warriors! 🚤🌟 #TYHub #WaterSafetyWebinar #RNLI #DiveIntoSafety

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