John Hooper Medal for Statistics Competition

Goal of the competition

The goal is to improve students’ abilities to describe their environment with the help of statistics and to use statistics as a tool for making sense of daily life.

Why a poster?

Taking part in this poster competition will encourage students to:

  • work as a team;
  • investigate real questions using data;
  • use their analytical and graphical skills;
  • interpret statistical results;
  • develop skills in written communication.

Theme of Poster

Posters can be about any topic students choose.


The national competition is open to teams of 2 to 3 students, born in 2002 and younger, from any part of the island of Ireland. Teachers must register the teams.

Competition Rules

Please follow this link for the competition rules. Only online, computer-generated poster entries will be accepted. Teachers, please note if the posters are received in the CSO after 5pm on 26 February 2021, those posters will not be eligible for inclusion in the competition.

Phases of the competition:

  • Registration by teacher by 22 January 2021 to
  • Posters to be submitted by 5pm, 26 February 2021 to
  • Posters will be judged by the national organising committee.
  • The winning national posters will be announced on 26 March 2021.
  • Winners (1st place) of the national competition will be awarded the CSO John Hooper Medal for Statistics. In addition the following prize money will be awarded:

1st Place – €1,600 (of which €1,000 is awarded to the school and €600 is awarded to the team)

2nd Place – €1,000 (of which €650 is awarded to the school and €350 is awarded to the team)

3rd Place – €600 (of which €400 is awarded to the school and €200 is awarded to the team)

Steps in poster-making: 

1. Find a question
2. Collect or use existing data 
3. Review data quality
4. Analyse the data
5. Make the poster

See: How to make a poster

More Info For information on last year’s winners of the John Hooper Medal for Statistics – Poster Competition 2020

See: John Hooper Medal for Statistics Results 2020

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Address Central Statistics Office
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